The Treaty of Lannegich is a treaty hashed out and signed by the Keledoni king, Gendar IV, and Madheyr, Prince of Sen. It was signed on 17 Young Sun, 1715 AS.

The Treaty itself lays out specific responsibilities for the Keledoni and Sennish governments and sets clear borders between the two lands. The disputed territory of Southern Sen, a Keledoni holding, was claimed completely by Keledon; not an acre was ceded.

The root of the treaty was a strong Sennish fear that Keledon would invade and conquer the small principality--a course of action that was not likely considered by Gendar IV. Realistically, Gendar's motivation seemed to be to play on Sennish fears and thus earn specific concessions.

In the end the main points of the treaty were:

1) That Keledon would maintain sovereignty over Southern Sen and pledge to take no hostile actions against Sen itself.

2) Free and unrestricted passage through Southern Sen would be allowed for the Sennish, allowing them to maintain coastal access to trade routes.

3) Sen would undertake no military action against the Keledoni inhabitants of Southern Sen.

4) Sen would agree to end trade of Sennish steel with Akaryth and Keledon would agree to safe passage for Sennish trading vessels through its waters.

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