Trenn is one of the five kingdoms that, collectively, form the Starm Confederacy. It is the smallest of the five remaining principalities, but is the most fertile of them, 


being possessed of little more than arable land and a few small forested slopes on the northwestern slopes of the Lithedi. The people of Trenn hold to the same ancient faith of their ancestors as do most of the peoples of the Sixlunds, although in recent decades the High Path has begun to make some inroads among the populace.


The standard of the principality of Trenn shows a field of orange--a token of rich harvesttimes--with a white design laid upon it, representing the melting snows that water the land. Over all this is a black hammer, which represents the hardwork and industry of the land's people, as well as the hammer local legends say was carried by Starm Grimjaws himsef.


The people of Trenn are clannish, devoted chiefly to family and ancestors. They tend to be funloving, and other nations within the Sixlunds often, only  half in jest, insist that the Trennish will fall to a celebration over the fact that the sun came up this morning.

As a chiefly pastoral people the Trennish venerate spirits associated with good harvests, plentiful rain, and peaceful days. There is little in the way of a true army to be found within Trenn; in times of danger conscripts usually make up the bulk of the land's forces.

The national dish is a sort of pie made from various vegetables and organ meats from sheep, while goat cheese is melted over the rest of it. The Trennish also brew a noteworthy, bitter brown ale that is sharp in taste, but enjoyed well beyond the land's borders.