Meaning 'prophets' or 'seers', the Veshyaar are the guided ones who expand upon the Tharani religion and are believed to be sent from Ulaan (the Tharani deity) to offer new knowledge. There have been six Veyshaar sent among mortals so far beginning with Hathan Bel-kor, the first, who founded the religion.

Towards the end of his or her life, each Veyshaa compiled a written text containing their knowledge, advice and experience of Ulaan. Collectively these texts form the Salarashara, the central text of Tharan.

The six Veshyaar are:

1. Hathan Bel-Kor, founder of the faith, who wrote concerning how followers should treat each other.

2. Tymar of Shatiulbahr, who wrote of the natural world and the place and responsibility of followers within it.

3. Lurana Kayni, the poet, whose writings are among the best loved of all Tharani culture.

4. Karam Belkinda, who wrote about the heavens, stars and profoundly mystical visions.

5. Olessa of Ashyrin, who wrote of military matters, diplomacy and the desire for widespread peace.

6. Urdun Hindaband, the Weeper, who wrote of the pains and sufferings of mortal life and cried out to Ulaan for deliverance.

The writings of the First Veyshaa, Hathan Bel-Kor, state that no fewer than 8 Veshyaar would be sent to the people by Ulaan, meaning there are at least two more to come. Urdun Hindaband is said to have hidden a riddle within the sixth chapter of the Salarashara that will only be found and solved by the Seventh Veyshaa.