The War of Two Moons was the last major military confrontation between Keledon and Akaryth on Keledoni soil.

Origins of the ConflictEdit

In 1735 AS the government of Akaryth dispatched an assassin on a mission to kill the Keledoni queen, Kaylia I. Unfortunately for the assassin he ran afoul of Dale of Havan, an adventurer of some renown, and a celebrated member of the famous band, the Company of the Crescent Moon. After his retirement from the adventuring life, he had accepted a position as the Captain of the Guard for the Queen. However he remained comfortable in the more squalid surroundings of his youth, and would often visit the poorer parts of town incognito. Dale was then staying at

A battle rages during the war.

an inn in Kindem Hua, and happened to recognize a phrase used by the assassin as purely Akarthan, which raised his suspicions. Keeping an eye on the strange man, Dale followed him out that night. Noting that he was scouting out the region around Hawksholme, Dale quietly alerted the castle guards, and then the city watch. The following night, when the assassin made his attempt on the life of the Queen, he found himself walking into a trap. He was captured by Dale himself, working with the Royal Guard.

Interrogation revealed the Akarthan plan--to kill the Queen and frame a Keledoni noble house with the crime. During the ensuing civil war, the Akarthans planned to invade as well, taking the kingdom while it was weak and divided.

Furious, the Royal Council and the Queen began to plan a serious military response to the attempt. The head and severed hands of the assassin were sent to the Akarthan king, wrapped in straw and hawk feathers.

The War BeginsEdit

In the month of Highsun, 1735, a force of Keledoni soldiers were assembled and prepared to set out against the Akarthans. Keledon's naval superiority was put to good use, and a sub rosa alliance with the small city-state of Almeidi allowed them to move soldiers over land into Akaryth, without sailing into Akarthan waters. Simultaneously, a second army was dispatched through Cardas Pass, instructed to draw attention to themselves. The ploy worked well, and when the southern Keledoni army moved into Akaryth they found most of their foes had moved northwest, further inland, to meet the force coming through Cardas.

Early victories bolsted Keledoni confidence, and they made a push towards the capital, Morcham Keep.

(to be continued)


At the close of the war the Keledoni took with them the Regalia of Akaryth, robbing the land of its ancient signs of kingship. Mercifully, Morcham Keep was not burned to the ground, but the Akarthan king, Adaltrud II, was captured. His ransom was a fortune, even by royal standards.

Dale of Havan, whose luck had warned the Queen Kaylia in the first place, was brought before the throne. In honour of his incredible efforts in the war, he was granted a request. Dale asked for a charter empowering him to form an order of knights that would not be beholden to any House or bound by any oath save those to the Crown and kingdom. The Queen granted the request, and using his charter Dale went on to found the Knights of the Griffon, now venerated as one of the greatest knightly orders in the land, if not the greatest.