Painted carving of a white stag found near the southern entrance to the forest.

The Whitestag is a stretch of extremely ancient forest not far from Cardas' Gap in central Keledon. Much of the old growth forest is made up of oak, yew, ash and blackthorn trees.

The entire area is considered highly sacred by the Druids of the land; the common people hold the region as supernaturally charged. It is a place where spirits are said to walk and the old gods wander freely. The Druids hold grand conclaves in the forest from time to time as well.

The forest's name is rooted in ancient beliefs rooted in the days long before the realm's unification. The Druids, and many of the common people, consider a white stag a representative of the divine powers of the Grey. In ancient days a site in the center of a great stretch of forest came to be associated with the white stag; from that time on, despite the forest's smaller borders, it has borne the name of the Whitestag.

The Whitestag is one of the hearts of Druidry in Keledon. It is forbidden for non-Druids to enter it without permission. Death is the penalty.

Around the edge of the Whitestag, the limits of this sacred boundary are marked out by images of white stags carved and painted into stones.

One of the three Archdruids of the land resides here, holding council with his own priestly fellows. It is a center of Druidic education; male students are trained here until their mid adolescence.