The Woodmere is a small, narrow lake located in The Haft in Keledon. An ancient legend tells of King Sothar having a vision in the waters of the lake that led
him to his kingship, and of his meeting a lady of the Other Folk there, who blessed him and counseled him. Her advice was instrumental in bringing him to his throne, and in honor of an accord between them he would visit the Woodmere every so often in the following years of his life.

One of the titles of the King or Queen of Keledon is "Lord / Lady of the Woodmere" due to this legend. Part of the elaborate coronation rites of the kingdom require the monarch to make a pilgrimage to the lake, and take counsel there from the Druids of the Whitestag, itself not all that distant.

The lake and its immediate surroundings are considered sacred by the Keledoni people. Being part of the Haft, whose people are renowned for their strong arms and short tempers, they consider the safety of the site to be an hereditary honor and duty.