A Keleth woman of the Silashani.

Among the four peoples of the Ashani (the Emeneshani, Korashani, Rendashani and Silashani) there are sometimes born children who are believed to be blessed by the aze-Ashani themselves.

Marked by eyes of a violet or purple shade these Ashani children are collectively known as the y-keletham, or "God-touched" in the tongue of that people. Among the Ashani these people are considered to be servants of Fate, born with a destiny they must fulfill (generally speaking, the Ashani do not believe in fate apart from this case). They are considered sacred among the Ashani. The raising of a Keleth child is considered too great a responsibility for parents alone; their education and training becomes the affair of their entire community.

Some of the most celebrated among the Ashani people have belonged to the tiny ranks of the y-keletham, including Kyriana Alqaviliya and Sabell Lisandi S'Ementar.